Infographic: Supplier Procurement Survey 2014/15

The TenderScout State of Irish Public Sector Procurement Report is based on findings from our own survey, carried out in conjunction with Amarach Research.

The Supplier Procurement Survey 2014/15 infographic provides an overview of our top 10 observations:

TenderScout Supplier Procurement Survey


  • 22% of companies don’t request a debrief from the buyer – they are unlikely to ever improve their performance
  • 43% of companies are unlikely to collaborate with other businesses – effectively ruling themselves out of many opportunities
  • 29% is the average success rate for suppliers – indicating a ‘spray-and-pray’ approach to tendering
  • 58% of companies don’t use competitive intelligence – they lose twice as often as those that do
  • €25 million is the amount spent by suppliers competing for tenders that are ultimately cancelled
  • 69% of contracts are awarded primarily on price – this is the most significant factor in winning or losing
  • 57% of suppliers wait over three months for the result of a tender competition, which impacts their ability to operate their business efficiently
  • 26% of suppliers are more encouraged to participate as a result of Circular 10/14 – but they’re not likely to be successful without other measures
  • €2.7 billion is the value of government contracts that aren’t advertised because they are below threshold
  • >70% of tendering companies have fewer than 50 employees – they win less than 20% of the time

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