Finding government contracts that you can actually win

Many small and medium businesses have the potential to compete and win government contract, but there are challenges to overcome. The first is figuring out just why all of these opportunities are hiding.

The Irish government publishes around 7,000 tenders each year, the majority of which are between €25,000 and €135,000 in value. They can mostly be found on If you’re feeling more confident, higher value contracts are found on the pan-European website

There are other sources of tenders, mostly paid-subscription services offering some value added features like email alerts and market research, but most of their opportunities come from these public sources.

The key challenge of course is not finding where the opportunities live, rather finding the opportunities that you actually have a chance of winning. There’s no point in writing proposals for opportunities that just don’t fit your sweet-spot. Even if you win the contract, you’re going to be up against it to try and fulfil the contract terms, much less make a profit.

It’s easy to miss the right opportunity if you’re spending all of your time sifting for hours through different websites looking for that perfect opportunity.

To increase your chance of starting out on the right path, choose a source of opportunities that combines multiple sources and automatics as much of the sifting through opportunities as possible. That means you’ll just be focussing on opportunities that are right for you.

To give yourself the best chance of success, focus on finding opportunities that you truly believe are ‘meant for you’. Use alerts services like that give you a single source of information and fast-track you towards winning those contracts you deserve. There are a thousands of public opportunities out there. Make sure that you’re competing for the ones with your name on it.

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