Selling to Government Organizations - What do I need to know?

Having participated in the qualification of thousands of RFPs, it’s clear that the norm is for SMEs to run headlong into seemingly attractive opportunities without considering whether it’s really for them - that’s not a recipe for sustained results. Winning contracts is a process that starts with baselining your capability and capacity to compete for opportunities. Once you recognise what your strengths are and you’ve a plan to rectify your weaknesses you’re ready to start finding, qualifying and competing for opportunities

Find the opportunity

There is a couple of public websites we mentioned in our previous blog posts (Finding government contracts that you can actually win) where you can find government contracts. These sources usually display opportunities from certain country or region.

However most bid managers will benefit from a single source of information. So instead of browsing different websites, use a single platform source like Tenderscout. You can search for more than 5,000 new opportunities every day from 100+ countries.

Qualify if it’s a right fit for you

Let’s say you found an opportunity in your country that matches your area of expertise. It seems like you can do this one, but should you go for it without further examination? The answer is no! Proper qualification is the most important part of the process. There can be a lot of hidden factors including past buyer records that may warn you from competing for this opportunity.

Make sure you have all the information before making a decision that could cost you a lot of time and resources. Use qualification analytical tools that will help you determine whether to bid or not and avoid contracts you have a very little chance of winning.


When you pick the ideal opportunity, here comes the real challenge - being the best one among all the bidders and winning the contract. That’s where you need to show differentiation. Show the buyer who you really are and why are you the best fit for them. Understand their needs, think outside of the box and offer the best innovative solution. It is also very useful to follow structured templates that will guide you through the process of writing the proposal.


To increase your chance of winning government contracts make sure you build the right process and long term plan. Find, qualify and compete for opportunities strategically. Every SME has a chance to participate and become successful public supplier. Use tools like TenderScout and start winning more business today.

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