TenderScout wishes Niamh Bushnell well in her new role as Head of TechIreland

The reality of running a tech start-up is far from the image words like “founder” and “entrepreneur” instil in people’s minds. While I wouldn’t change it for anything, guiding your business idea to fruition can be isolating at times, and challenges are par for the course nearly everyday.

People you meet can have a huge effect in this environment, and Niamh Bushnell’s influence on TenderScout will be felt for a long time to come.

Niamh’s support of TenderScout started in the early days when she was part of the panel that included us in the final of the WebSummit Spark of Genius Award. This was a great industry validation of what we were about and looking to achieve as a start-up, and a huge mental boost for myself.

Her championing of TenderScout continued with Niamh inviting us to participate in startup activities and SaaS workshops. Niamh also played a pivotal role in our seed investment round by introducing us to Gianni Matera of Growing Capital who led our Seed funding round.

Of great personal meaning, Niamh invited TenderScout onto the Mentoring for Scale programme although we hadn’t raised any funding and we weren’t as far along as others. Now, as Niamh moves to her new role, it’s with pride that I can say we have warranted her belief in us and are scaling into new markets in no small part due to the quality of mentoring that we’ve received.

Both myself and TenderScout would like to thank Niamh for her support through the years and we wish Niamh everything of the best as she takes up her new role as Head of TechIreland.


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