Things we learned on the Google Adopt A Start-up programme

The Google Adopt A Startup programme has just come to an end and TenderScout was a proud participant this year.

While we weren’t one of the finalists (and we send a huge congratulations to LogoGrab, Campsited and Obeo who placed first, second and third), we are delighted to take away a few observations and lessons from the programme.

Ambition drives growth

All of the participants are ambitious. Launching and working in a high octane start-up demands it. It’s important to channel this ambition into solid plans, linked to measurable KPIs, to drive growth.

Failure is part of the deal

Not enough is shared about the failure tech start-ups face, and this does a disservice to entrepreneurs and founders since failure often acts as a catalyst for innovation. One of the great insights we’ve taken from the whole programme is of the failures the finalists faced, what they learnt from it and how they pivoted to overcome the failure.

Leverage resources

Every start-up runs on a lean team, but networking helps entrepreneurs and founders extend their reach to dozens of other people who can provide valuable direction and advice. Engaging with the start-up community, and looking to provide value and support as well as seek it, is the key to leveraging resources beyond your team.

The programme made improvements

Embarking on the programme gave the participants a new perspective on their enterprises and improvements were made by each of the teams. Working so close to the coalface of your tech start-up, it can be difficult to judge whether you are doing things in the most optimal manner. Searching questions were asked by the panel of each participant and these questions provided the basis of evaluating whether current processes, product development or branding in each start-up was driving value or could be done better.

It’s onwards and upwards for us as we implement everything we learnt on the programme, and we’d like to say a special thank you to our Google team leader, Helder Pimenta, for all his support and encouragement.


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