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A profitable new world?

Tony Corrigan, founder and CEO of TenderScout, recently spoke at the 15th Annual APMP Conference. This is a portion of the presentation he made at the event.

Small and medium sized law firms win tenders

The time has never been better for legal firms to start look at winning public sector work. In conversations we have had with legal firms over the past several years, there is a strong perception that the corporate law firms win everything. This is a fundamental misread of the situation on the ground. To demonstrate that this perception is inaccurate for all the major cities, let alone the counties without a major city, examine the data and then consider what these firms are doing right.

Inspirefest 2017 - doing what is says on the tin!


No matter how busy the year gets, a few events are non-negotiable on our calendar and attending Inspirefest is one of them.

Meet Gabriel Alencar, TenderScout's Business Development Rep

Gabriel recently joined our sales team, and brings with him a love for business and technology. He has worked in both human resources and the financial services sector before, and has a proven and successful approach to sales. Gabby, as we call him in the office, thrives on new experiences and one of the areas he is most excited about at TenderScout is the exposure he’ll have to different industries with his new role.

Using your tender site to find the right opportunities for your business

Governments across the world put out tenders for every kind of product and service constantly. TenderScout adds up to 10,000 new opportunities to our platform every day.

TechConnect 2017: Tenders are a #growthhack

Growth hacking is a new term to describe what SMEs have been doing since time began and that is looking for ways to grow their business quickly.

TenderScout wins Bronze at the Bank of Ireland Startup Awards 2017

There are a few sleepy heads in the office today after the great event held last night at the Mansion House for the Startup Awards 2017.  

Meet the TenderScout team!

TenderScout is taking some big steps in 2017! We've grown our team to eight people, moved into our own office on Harcourt Street in Dublin 2, and secured investment. And it's still only the first half of the year!

Things we learned on the Google Adopt A Start-up programme

The Google Adopt A Startup programme has just come to an end and TenderScout was a proud participant this year.

TenderScout wishes Niamh Bushnell well in her new role as Head of TechIreland

The reality of running a tech start-up is far from the image words like “founder” and “entrepreneur” instil in people’s minds. While I wouldn’t change it for anything, guiding your business idea to fruition can be isolating at times, and challenges are par for the course nearly everyday.

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