Inspirefest 2017 - doing what is says on the tin!


No matter how busy the year gets, a few events are non-negotiable on our calendar and attending Inspirefest is one of them.

At the risk of sounding a little disingenuous, Inspirefest really is hugely inspiring. The TenderScout team are a pretty high energy group of people but an added dose of inspiration never goes amiss. Spending two days listening to the latest insights and news from the cutting edge of what’s happening in STEM is the most motivating way to recharge batteries and replenish focus for the last half of the year.

Secondly, and possibly the biggest draw of Inspirefest for us, is that the sci-tech theme of the event is interwoven with elements of art, music and performance. Having these different aspects of human experience share the stage is an effective way to broaden perspectives, and spot opportunities and new ways of doing things in our own business.

Keri Kukral’s presentation on multi-dimensionality really resonated with us for this reason. A professional ballerina, she made a 180 degree turn to study engineering at Purdue University and then set up Raw Science TV.

TenderScout works with SMEs across the spectrum to help them win more government contracts. As such, we come into contact with a diverse range of businesses and are exposed to various industries. This aspect of our business is greatly enjoyed by all of our team members, and Keri’s presentation has provided us with a challenge to see how we can use these diverse connections and experiences to deeply embed ourselves within the supplier community and transform the way business is done.

Saving time

Each speaker at Inspirefest is brilliant, and more than worth the cost of the ticket. However, for the sake of brevity, we’ll mention just one more speaker in our post, again for the relevance their presentation has with our business.

“We win Nobel prizes by accident,” is not a statement many people can make but Marcus Weldon, President of Bell Labs, is eminently qualified to do so.The 13th President of Bell Labs began his presentation by explaining how the organisation discovered the origin of the universe while attempting to do radio communications between New Jersey and Maine prior to satellite technology being available. Though a preamble to his presentation, Marcus certainly set the tone of what he was going to speak about with this story.

Making the point that every technological revolution and invention humanity has created, has, and had, only one sole purpose; to save time, Marcus shared an encouraging viewpoint that the world we’ll live in within the next one or two decades will be “creative, aesthetic [and] humanistic”.

The machines are going to help

“What we’re going to automate, though, is the mundane things, not the creative things. Machines are good at doing repetitive things, not creative things. That’s the one thing humans are good at,” Marcus says.

This message speaks directly to TenderScout’s mission to use machine learning to help SMEs gain a competitive advantage in the tendering landscape and win more government contracts.

Our proprietary algorithm combines the insights gathered from more than 1,000 databases to help SMEs qualify tender opportunities and understand which leads are ideal for them.

The statement Marcus made that humans are good at creative things ties in with the advice we give to our SME customers to focus on crafting unique value propositions for their tender proposals.

Combining the insights gathered from machine learning and the human input of well crafted and empathic value propositions has resulted in increased win rates, on average, by 70% for our customers.

In closing, Inspirefest 2017 felt like a bootcamp of ideas and motivation for us, and we’ll make sure we book a front row ticket for Inspirefest 2018!

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