To OJEU or not to OJEU – that is the question

A challenge for buyers running a public procurement process is to accurately estimate the required budget for whatever is being procured. Estimating the cost of goods is one thing; estimating that of services and technologies (especially emerging or innovative technologies) is another matter altogether.

RFTs: Ambiguity and the curse of clarification

RFTs (Requests for Tender) set out the specifications and requirements of public sector buyers for various goods and services. It is mandatory that all RFTs are published so that they are freely accessible by the market and many countries - Ireland included - allow suppliers to submit queries and clarifications electronically and receive responses.

Gifts, inducements and rewards: what is going on in hospital procurement?

Last night's Prime Time (RTÉ One) investigation into corruption in hospital procurement is another blow to public perception of the procurement process and has the potential to undo much of the good work that has recently been done by the government to restore confidence in the system.

Why I don’t ask sales reps to make sales forecasts

One of the hardest things to do in business is to plan for the future. With so much to deal with on a day-to-day basis, it's easy to take sales forecasts at face value. Sales managers are under pressure to demonstrate progress in their accounts and in an effort to fulfil executive expectations, it’s not surprising that the probability of closing deals is overestimated. And so begins a chain of events, with resources invested in poorly-qualified opportunities and plans made on the basis that deals are ‘in the bag’.

Mentoring for Scale - a new initiative for startups

This article was originally written for the Dublin Globe website

TenderScout at EnterConf

EnterConf, a sister event to the Collision and Web Summit conferences, took place this week in Belfast’s Titanic quarter - or more precisely the former shipbuilding warehouse, T13. TenderScout were there as an alpha startup, showcasing the progress that we've made in the world of sales forecasting technology.

Infographic: Supplier Procurement Survey 2014/15

The TenderScout State of Irish Public Sector Procurement Report is based on findings from our own survey, carried out in conjunction with Amarach Research.

The State of Irish Public Sector Procurement 2015

With public sector contracts representing 12% of the Irish economy, public procurement impacts more than 185,000 businesses and is the cornerstone of a sustainable economic recovery.  This report is based on the findings of the TenderScout Survey, which gives voice to those most impacted by public procurement changes – Irish businesses.

Event: TenderScout Public Procurement for Business Growth

Date/Time: Feb 18th, 0800-1200
Location: Royal College of Physicians (RCPI), No.6 Kildare Street, Dublin 2
Register at:

TenderScout: winners in the SFA National Business Awards

TenderScout are delighted to be selected as winners in the SFA National Business Awards 2015 under the Emerging New Business Category.

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