What happens at SaaStock does not stay at SaaStock

Running a SaaS company is exhilarating. No two days are the same and the triumphs and the struggles come down the chute in equal measure.

It can also be isolating.

By its very nature, a SaaS company is setting out to do something new and you’re figuring out how to do things as you go along.

Even when your company gets bigger, this is the case.

TenderScout now has eight people in the team, and all eight are figuring out how to make their part of the business successful!Which is why a conference like SaaStock is so necessary.

Learning from your peers

Networking is intrinsic to TenderScout’s culture but there are only so many hours in the day, and the work needs to get done. This dynamic can, and does, lead to a silo mentality.

Three members of our team attended SaaStock with the purpose of stepping back from our business and finding out what building a SaaS company looks like for others. What works? What doesn’t?

For the duration of the conference, we had access to a hive mind of SaaS professionals.

Attendees may have been at different stages of their journey but it felt like TenderScout’s team grew to include the 1,500+ people at the conference for the three days SaaStock ran.

And we made the most of every opportunity to learn. The presentations on the Scale, Growth and Traction stages provided insights every few minutes, and informal conversations happening around stands and at lunch were as valuable.

Speaking about presentations

SaaStock’s lineup of speakers were the deciding factor in us buying tickets for the event.

The topics covered on the three stages covered everything from how to build a SaaS Unicorn, to building high performance teams, to machine learning - and everything inbetween.

One of our team members commented that she learnt so much more about the other parts of TenderScout’s business by attending presentations that were about topics that were outside of her direct remit. Knowing how busy the days get in the office, the opportunity to build a better understanding about the whole business, (product, sales, marketing and customer success) is probably not something that would happen quickly in the usual 9 to 5… or err...9 to 9. SaaStock’s presentations provided a SaaS bootcamp!

What happens after SaaStock?

Attending SaaStock has given us a lot of food for thought.

We have new ideas to implement and access to some brilliant connections we made at the event. Nothing that we learnt at SaaStock will stay at SaaStock. Instead it will be brought into our team as we scale new heights for TenderScout!

Team highlights

Tony Corrigan, founder and CEO, loved listening to the stories of other founders. “Ryan Smith from Qualtrics really inspired me and gave me encouragement to push on. I also made excellent use of the investor area. Claire McHugh from Axonista always has fascinating updates, and finally, I reconnected with friends and colleagues that I only end up seeing at Christmas and SaaStock.”Grace Fuller, Head of Customer Success, found the presentation by SendGrid’s Scott Heimes to be a real game-changer for scaling. “In Scott’s session, he addressed how by identifying product-buyer fit, engaging customers, hiring strong talent and building a great corporate culture, you position your business for successful growth.”Claire Mason, Head of Marketing, says “The standout presentation I attended was by Promise Phelon of TapInfluence about the essentials of strategic leadership. She went deep on strategy and tactics and lifted the lid on what transforming from services to SaaS really looks like. Plus her no vampire rule cleared about 20% of backlog from my plate!”

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